Artworks up on the wall at Dapper Darlings Vintage, Long Jetty. There are still a few pieces available, check them out !

this city is relentless, I need stars and trees 

Depression is not a fault in someone’s character nor is it anyone’s choice. But it is a fault for people to ignore mental illness. 
To have someone ask if you are okay could make all the difference. To remind you that you matter. You have a right to be on this earth and you have a right to be happy. 
I’m really happy today
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I can’t describe the feeling I get when someone loves an artwork enough to purchase and hang it in their home. These two pieces are very dear to me, and they have gone to someone who will take amazing care of them. Thank you x
Days Like These
New artworks for Art Pharmacy’s exhibition ‘The Lab’. Opening next week (4th - 14th September) as part of Sydney Fringe Festival
20 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst
Recovery station 🌿
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open your mouth only 
if what you are going to say
is more beautiful than silence

- arabic proverb

half way

I love your art so very much! I just followed you on instagram and I fell in love. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been drawing/painting?

You are too lovely, thank you. I have always been drawing, but have only been brave enough to show more people this past year 

This finally happened. More prints and originals available super soon. 
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studio roof
Opaque  by  andbamnan