My series You are not who you are supposed to be is still on display at Object Gallery, 417 Bourke St Surry Hills
Running until 23rd August - get there ! x
empty studio, andy warhol documentaries and buckets of tea
17th Jul 201400:5412 notes
Today -

Super chuffed to have been a part of this rad night! The artwork I donated has gone to a new home, with all the proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross. 

keaton henson is breaking my heart all over again

Aligned planets for a friend — he asked me to create something to remind him that everything will be okay

sweet nothings

frosty night in the studio
You are not who you are supposed to be 
On display now until 23rd August at Object Gallery — 417 Bourke Street Surry Hills
Many thanks to Art Pharmacy and Idea Bombing Sydney for a rad show x 
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no less than the trees and the stars
you have a right to be here
Come visit these ones at Object Gallery, Surry Hills 
Opening tomorrow night x
Sold this little guy — more original pieces available here x
Losing myself in this for a while, bye

You are not who you are supposed to be 

New series for The Lab @ Object Gallery, Surry Hills

4th July - 22nd August 2014

Opaque  by  andbamnan